Pleasant service, good food and accommodation in the middle of nature offer you Camp Dolce by Trutnov.

We feel great responsibility for this unique day, so we take a close look at your ideas and together, with preliminary calculations, we create an optimal combination of your dreams and financial possibilties. We have several years of experience and plenty of satisfied wedding guests, to whom we can refer if you wish.

Upon agreement with the donor there is the possibility of organizing WEDDING ON THE BEACH.
In the spring months the resort is peaceful and almost no one will disturb your festive day.

We offer:

* Storage, cooling and decoration of your own cakes
* Preparation and decoration of the wedding table in several colors according to your wishes
* Create a wedding menu with a total calculation
* Create a meeting order for a wedding board according to the nameplate
* Children's play area and outdoor playground
* Parking reservations in front of the restaurant
* Personal approach

In front of the restaurant, we wish you a lot of luck in the new life, you will drink to your health, break the plate and then go to the wedding board. It will be decorated with burning candles, flowers, name badges, water vases for your bouquet, wedding sweets and a cake. Upon request we can arrange a gift and flower table.

We will also be happy to provide:

* Flower decoration of the board, wedding bouquet
* Live music or DJ
* Professional photographer and cameraman

Wedding menu

* Bohemia Sekt, childern sekt
* Ham roll with horseradish foam
* Wedding chicken soup with liver dumplings and noodles
* Sirloin with steam dumplings and cranberries
* Desserts and cakes from your own stocks

PRICE per person starts from 490 CZK

If vegetarians or guests wanting a dietary meal are among the wedding guests, we are happy to prepare a menu as desired.

After a formal lunch, a bride and groom can carry out the cut of a wedding cake.

For evening refreshment we would like to offer you the most popular and often sought after BUFFET accompanied by an outdoor barbecue smoked leg.


Buffet may include

* different species of savouries
* ham sandwiches
* plate of sausages right from the butcher
* cold cheese dishes with nuts and grapes
* chicken and pork mini schnitzels
* beef goulash
* marinated chicken wings
* potato pancakes
* pork smoked leg grilled on an outdoor grill
* vegetable salad
* pasta salad with chicken
* vegetable salad
* fruit salad
* chocolate fountain
* white and wholemeal bread
* side snacks (horseradish, ketchup, mustard, sour cucumbers, hot peppers, etc.)

PRICE per person starts from 390 CZK

The final amount for a full banquet and drinks ends up usually up to 1000 CZK per person.

Preparation of a festive board in your chosen color, white satin for chairs ............. 100 CZK / chair.

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