The Žaltman Lookout (739 m above sea level) is the dominant feature of the top of the Jestřebí Mountains. A hiking trail from Malé Svatoňovice, Petříkovice or Radvanice leads to the lookout tower. Cycle path No. 4091 from Trutnov also leads to the lookout tower.

The total height of the observation tower is 25 meters and 122 steps lead to the top. The highest viewing platform is at a height of 23.5 meters. In good weather, the lookout tower offers a view of the Giant Mountains, Rýchory, Vraní mountains, Adršpašsko-Teplické rocks, Soví and Javoří mountains, Broumovské stény, Úpicko, Hronovsko, Orlické mountains, Kralický Sněžník, Zvičina, Kumburk, Trosky, Rozkoš dam, etc.

Year-round admission to the observation tower is free and has no opening hours.

More information on the observatory's website

The Bratří Čapků Museum consists of two exhibitions. Karel Čapek's exposition is located on the first floor, Josef Čapek's exposition is on the second floor. There are many photographs, documents and graphics of both brothers on display.

The museum is located on the square, in the center of Malé Svatoňovice.

More information on the museum's website